Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kings River Quilt Show

This weekend is/was the Kings River Quilt Show, held at Immanuel High School, in Reedley. Fun stuff, definitely. I looked around for my camera (that took a while) and headed out. Can you believe I wore out the batteries after snapping only three pictures?!!

First is Pat Bell's quilt. It's a cute little thing. Pat, I hadn't seen this one before. I like it!

The next is a basket quilt by Pat Robertson. It's made from Cherrywood fabrics, and she says that the background fabrics were all the same until she washed it. It bled like crazy. When she called them, they told her to wash it in hot. It blended nicely, but the setting triangles were originally as light as the background squares!

This was one of the few art quilts I saw at the show. My camera died as I took the picture, I couldn't even see what I was photographing, I just pointed and shot. I like the way the maker cut a circle print for the thin pink border. It made the quilt. My apologies to the maker, for missing out on her name.

I hadn't planned to shop, but then I never do. It just kind of happens.

I've been asked to donate a quilt for a silent auction in a couple of weeks. I don't have one. I should say I didn't have one. Now I do. This red white and blue quilt by Liz Beshwate was for sale and the price was right. It should fill the bill nicely.

In addition to the quilt, I bought some other things. There's a scarf from India, in brighter colors than you'd think from my picture. I'm not sure of the fiber content, it kind of feels like jute. I'm hoping that washing it will soften it up.

The gourds are hollowed out and have lids. You can stash treasures in them. And then there's another murder mystery. I should probably stop buying them. I'm making my boys nervous.

The pattern was a freebie, with a quilt show coupon, I loved the red batik, and I just couldn't pass up Kristin's ice-dyed purple. yum!

And that wasn't all. The colors of yarn were simply luscious. "What are you going to do with the boucle?" ummm... Do I have to know? I've been warned that it is not comfortable to wear. hmmm. I just REALLY like the color. I'll think of something. And then there are the cookies, made by the Home Ec class at the high school.

The bead vendor was also there. This was their first quilt show. We're pretty excited, because we've talked them into having a booth at Best of the Valley as well.

And I guess that's about it.

Things are happening all around me, what with the walnuts and everything else. It's hard to find time to post, but I'm trying. Thank you so much for your patience!

And if you have tomorrow free, you should swing by the show. It's lovely.

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pb said...

That little quilt was hidden and Pat Robertson found it and took it. My attempt to quilt something did not turn out very good. Seeing all the goodies kinda makes me home sick.