Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tulare County Fair

Yes folks, once again it's time for the Tulare County Fair. I'm not sure how many years the Fair has been around, but this is my...26th. wow. Yep. We moved here in Sept, 1985, just before the Fair opened its doors that year.

I joined the Valley Oak Quilt Guild in 1987, and have been one of its quiltie lady demonstrators ever since. I don't think I've missed a year. I even quilted with them the year that I did not renew my membership.

This is the quilt that won Best of Show, Professional. It's a beautiful Dresden Plate, begun by Loretta White. Loretta passed away, and Ann (second from the left in the above picture) inherited the pieces. She finished the quilt, and it is a stunner. I am thrilled that it was singled out for the BOS recognition.

Other Best of Show quilts hang front and center. On the far left (you can only see half) is the BOS, machine quilted by self. Next to it is the BOS, hand quilted. The large blue star quilt on the right is BOS, overall, BOS, all cotton, and BOS, machine quilted by another. The quilts were made by Diane Mitchell, Kathy Wasnick, and Sharon Scholta.

I'm kind of embarrassed that my airplane quilt hangs above and in the middle of the BOS display. I guess it's there because it celebrates the theme of the fair, which is "Just Plane Fun." It's not because it's BOS anything.

"The Flower Fades" did well. In the professional category, quilts are judged on their own merit, not relative to other quilts in the class. I love the coxcomb quilt hanging next to it, I believe it won BOS, group quilt. It, too, was made by Kathy Wasnick.

"Glacier Ice" hung in the Christmas display. The wreath is NOT part of my quilt.

Finally, I had a hard time finding my penguin quilt. I have to say that I LOVE the long beach quilt hanging above it. It was made by Darlene Byars. Now I want to make one. :)

And there you go, that's my snapshot of the fair. There was much more to see, but I was only there long enough to do a bit of quilting and then do a quick walkabout of the exhibits.

'til next time...


Diana said...

Suzie, thanks for the tour. Your pictures, as usual, are great!


heather said...

Very nice