Monday, September 12, 2011

Where Am I?

On Monday, I was in Santa Cruz.

On Tuesday, I was with Adam, at Westside Auto. Adam...
Westside Auto...

Me...oh wait, I need to smile...

Here I am again. I don't remember holding the camera upside down, but apparently I did. I could blame it on the sun, but on second thought, the photo looks better this way...more balanced. ;)

On Thursday, I finished up my BOTV website submissions, most of which have been posted. Our 2012 entry form is now online, along with pictures of the 2011 winners.

On Friday, I drove to San Carlos, to babysit. I thought Penny (or her mother) might like this quilt.

I was right, Penny did.

Penny also liked her rice cereal.

She's starting to take over the living room. (I couldn't resist the drool...)

On Saturday and Sunday, I finished embellishing this little piece. Blogger tipped it, I did NOT hold my camera wrong this time!

I added some beads and shells and silk ribbon embroidery.

And although I was disappointed in my failed attempts to make a shell fringe, I am quite pleased with the shell & bead border. I used light-weight fire line to hold them in place. The trick to sewing on shells is to use a needle to go through the fabric, and then remove it to string the shell, and then re-thread the needle and stitch through the fabric. It's a tedious process, but I really like the result. The beads came from a shell necklace that I purchased for a dollar at a secondhand store.

And that's my week in review. Hopefully I will have more to post about during this coming week. Stay tuned...


Diana said...

Quilts and babies and kids are cute but where's the DOG?

By the way the quilts and babies and kids are REALLY good looking'.


Paula said...

It is so much fun to watch your granddaughter grow. My youngest is 5ft 10" and I miss the little things you get to watch. Waiting for that first step, new teeth, etc. Enjoy while you can and keep the photos coming.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Love the shell border, sorry it's a pain though. The quilt is a perfect drool catcher for Miss Penny and of course she likes it - her grandma made it for her.