Monday, October 3, 2011

Cars and Stuff

I was called out to the walnuts today, to help work on a car. While I was there, the Snookieman showed up. This is his truck.

I drove there in my car.

This is my old car. I drove it from '98 until I got the above car, in 2002. Number 3 son currently drives the van, although I borrow it now and then.

Number 1 son was stressing over the cost of gasoline to fill his green Explorer, so he bought this Metro from Number 2 son. It's too small and scary to drive on country roads. Instead it is the farm vehicle, driven back and forth for night irrigating.

This is also Number 1 son's Explorer. Today he was driving the green one, so I couldn't take its picture.

This is also Number 1 son's Explorer. He originally bought it as a parts car, but Number 3 son is trying to make it driveable. Its current issue is the transfer case. He's already replaced it once, but he got the replacement from a pick n pull place, and it seems to have issues. He says he'll pull it and replace it again this week.

This is Number 3 son's new-to-him car. Looks okay at first glance,

Until you go around back. Today I helped reinstall the exhaust manifold. "Mom, hold this here and put the hole on that bolt there while I tilt the engine back." Easier said than done, until we got a size 5 external torx socket. What? You don't know what that is? That's okay, most of the places we shopped for it didn't know either. Fifth store was the charm.

How many cars do two boys need, anyway? Probably not quite this many...

While I was waiting to be put to work, Mr. Cat availed himself of my services. I had just finished telling him that I was not interested in sharing my lap, and that he's too hairy for my liking.

Mr. Cat plays rough. He's all claws and teeth. I'd finally had enough and tossed him overboard. He snagged my new top in about 10 different places. grrr. Good thing it was on clearance!

Chupa was happy to observe, as long as she was protected by the chair.

But when I put Mr. Cat on the deck, he got ticked and took it out on Chupa. He swiped her nose, and she fell backward off the deck. She was not at all upset - the tail is still wagging - but she did grimace a bit. Notice the missing front teeth?

Then she really lucked out when Number 3 accidentally dropped his pickle.

Last week she stole a donut, this week the pickle was all hers. She gobbled it up posthaste. She seems to be quite adept at stealing unattended food.

Pretty exciting stuff, huh?

Take cover, the clouds are coming in from Alaska. It's not supposed to rain until Wednesday, but I'll be surprised if it takes that long. It smelled like rain an hour before the clouds blew in...

And there you go. I actually did do some quilting for hire this morning, but I didn't get as far as I'd hoped. Perhaps tomorrow. 'Til the next time...


Barbara Sindlinger said...

I think you need a drawing with pictures of the boys and lines to the cars that are theirs. I got confused! Glad you kept it straight.

Diana said...

Ohhh look at all the Chupa pictures! It looks like she's getting closer and closer to you.

I have to tell you that I have some presents for Chupa in honor of the celebration of St. Francis on Oct. 4th. That is when they do the blessing of the animals in churches. I don't think the package will get there in time. I'm sending it to Barbara who graciously agreed to deliver it to you (Hi, Barbara).

Now that I see Mr. Cat I'll have to add something to Chupa's box for him.

Thank you so much for posting the pictures.