Sunday, October 23, 2011


Hard to believe, but I finished that quilt. Yesterday at 10am, it looked like this. I made the binding at 6am, attached it by 7:30, and stitched it down for hours. It was a big quilt, probably about 84" x 90".

While I was stitching, my embroidery machine was also hard at work.

At 2pm, I was stitching down the label, and by 2:30, it was wrapped and ready to go. The wedding was at 4pm, 30 minutes away. Yes, I was able to clean up, dress up and giddy-up out the door. We made it to the wedding on time.

The only drawback of cutting it so close is that I did not get a photo of the finished quilt. oh well. Most important, it got to the couple, they got married, and now its fate is out of my hands.

oh, and the funny thing?

There was a HUGE sale at the local quilt store Friday/Saturday. Instead of going out and buying more fabric, I stayed home and quilted. How weird is that? It's TOTALLY out of character...


Barbara Sindlinger said...

That is cutting it awfully close. Glad you got it finished on time.

(I missed the sale too. I've already spent my quota on fabric for this month and the next (and the next, etc).

quiltedtime said...

Ha Ha! There was a HUGE sale in Bakersfield as well. WAY TOO GOOD TO PASS UP. Quota or no quota, Barb. Actually got some things that I needed for specific projects I'm working on. Might not finish them for 10 years, but I am working on them :-).