Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh, How the Mighty

have fallen. Is this the most pathetic-looking creature you've seen in recent memory? My once-pampered lap cat is now calling the trash can lid his home. I look at him, begin to feel sorry for him, but immediately remember the puddles he left on the kitchen counter. He may look pathetic, but I can't deal with his refusal to follow litterbox protocols. Enjoy your lid, Malcolm. You earned it.

I've been trying to clear out the barn this week. Soon (I hope!) the house/garage will come tumbling down. Before it does, I need to have a place to put the contents of the garage.

To say that the barn is a challenge, is an understatement. You can't see many, but the rafters (and everything else) are strung with cobwebs. Big hairy dirty cobwebs, that have been there for years.

When you look down, you see chaos. I'm not quite sure how this happened, but when the sons moved in, their stuff did too. They didn't have the time to organize it. oh. my.

While I'm in the barn trying to clear out rubbish, I hear noisy little birds pipping and calling out back.

Indoors, the boys (mine and his business partner) are assembling a 3D printer. Yeah, I'm not quite sure either. If/when they get it up and running, it should be fascinating.

And that's the haps around here. I'm in the barn, cleaning up mouse poo, the Engineers are in the house engineering. Maybe I should have gotten my degree in something other than History.... (just kidding)

All this to say, no quilting around here right now. Maybe in the next day or two, but it remains to be seen....

Oh! We did the second shake at the walnuts, so our 2011 harvest is with the buyer. hip hip hoorah!!

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