Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Rainy Day

I woke up to rain, dripping from the eaves. Good thing hubby stayed out late last night, scraping out the rain gutters. The radioman said they had 1" in Fresno. It was enough to flood the 99 in a couple of places and cause a 7 mile back-up. That's a lot of rain!

I thought, "Oh! This will be a good day to finish that quilt-for-hire." Yes, it would have been, had I pulled it out and worked on it. Instead, I shipped my quilts to PIQF, I ran errands, I made a couple of quilt blocks for exchanges, I worked on a few ideas for cards, and I made a basket.

I like this one. It's happy. It's got a splash of color, highlighting the neutrals. I think it's very effective.

I don't really plan these baskets. I just keep a pile of my clean-up strips from strip cutting. When the pile gets really big, I sew similar colors together, then wrap the clothesline, in preparation for basket sewing. Today I used my half-filled bobbins as well, so I really cleaned up, literally!

I'm having a lot of trouble with my camera. It keeps telling me my batteries are dead, but I've changed them three times. Usually I get more than 10 minutes out of new batteries! Unless I bought a 40 pack of dead batteries from Costco, it's a camera issue, not a battery issue. It refused to focus, and then shut itself off with the message, "Change batteries." yeah right. I just did!

And that's it. A sewing update, not a quilting update. Oh well. Perhaps tomorrow I will get back to that quilt-for-hire. Goals are good!

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