Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today's List

I spent the day at the walnuts, trying to clean out the barn. I actually made quite a bit of progress. yay!

Chupa looks like she stayed up all night. She does that sometimes, barking.

She looks a little better in this picture. She's getting her beauty rest while I battle spiders, webs, dust, and mouse droppings. ugh.

Before I left for the walnuts, I made time to finish this.

And this.

I'm pretty late with the birthday cards, and I've still got 4 names on my October list. I think I need more October.


Diana said...

You are so talented. Plus you are so kind to post Chupa's pictures. You're right. She looks like she really been working hard defending the walnut grove.

Blessings to you and all yours.


quiltedtime said...

Chupa is the funniest darn critter I have ever seen. Doesn't really look like a dog.