Monday, October 31, 2011

Waiting Patiently

Today I had fun, poking through Collection D of the Hoffman Challenge.

One of my favorite things at a quilt show is to unexpectedly come upon someone taking a picture of one of my quilts. To me, it's the ultimate compliment. "Excuse me, may I take a picture of you taking a picture of my quilt?" She graciously held her pose for me.

But then she suggested I also pose with the quilt. It was actually kind of fun, since I haven't seen this little quilt since mid-July.

Tomorrow the award winners are announced. Wednesday is Preview Night. Thursday, the show opens. I had to take a picture of this sea of scooters, just waiting for the army of invading quilters. The woman in charge of them assured me that they will run out...and my picture shows less than half of the fleet.

Have you figured out where I am yet?


Barbara Sindlinger said...

HOUSTON BABY! Keep having fun! How great to see someone admiring one of you pieces!

Del said...

You must surely be in quilters Heaven! Be sure to check out the TwelveX12 Special Exhibit. Love, Del