Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Quilting We Will Go

On the road again. Can you believe it? Actually, when I'm on the road again, it will be to return home. Shortly after returning from Houston, I headed out on retreat. All sorts of ideas were bubbling around in my head, now is the time to start work on something. Or so I thought. Goals are good.

Retreat is only an hour away, but the changes in landscape are dramatic. Trees are changing color at the Sherwood Forest Golf Course.

Egrets are hanging out, enjoying the pre-storm weather.

But mostly? It's about the beef cows. There are brown cows,

And brown and white cows,

And white and brown cows,

And black and white cows,

And white with black cows...

And after all of those cows, the signs begin.

No cows yet...

Here they are


More signs,

More cows

And we're almost there.

There are other things to look at here, besides bovine beasties. Can you see the buggy, with the bride and groom? It rained for the bulk of the day, but for the 30 minutes of the outdoor ceremony? The skies held firm. Another couple will try it again this afternoon.

Inside, we are snug as bugs. As long as the power holds, the room is humming!

Blogger tipped my photo, but I've finished 3 baby quilt tops. Today the fun begins, IF I can find the ingredients for a complete project. I wanted to work on a little red piece, but I left the back at home. arg. I also left my light and my pillow at home. And a lot of other things. I'm discovering the missing pieces as I reach for them on a daily basis.

Instead of stressing, I just look outside and lift my eyes to the hills. This certainly is a lovely place to spend a few days.

It will all be over soon.

Stay tuned. This coming week, it's time to bring down the house.

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Diana said...

Suzanne - thank you for all of the wonderful commentary and pictures about the show. I REALLY enjoyed the cow pictures and I'm totally jealous about the retreat.