Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Glorious Sunshine

Yesterday's weather was spectacular. The sun came out first thing. There was no fog or haze in our neighborhood, and it actually got warm, in the low 60's. Without the chill breeze, it was glorious.

I'd made an appointment for the gardener to plant flowers for me (I would plant 1/4 as many, in 4x the time), so a trip to purchase them was in order. When I came out to the car, not only did I have pansies, a few snaps, and some roses,

I also had a couple of flamingos. I couldn't resist. They add a lot, don't you think? (If you don't care for them, well, they are in the backyard, poolside. I will not subject the general public to their presence.)

Instead of doing any quilting, other than making labels, I spent the sun-filled hours in the yard, cleaning up irises, tossing dead foliage, and generally doing a deep spruce. (It's sprucing the yard, not cleaning, right?) I was surprised to see the first narcissus of the season. I don't know if you recall, but for the past several years, these have been making their appearance in November. It's January, Mr. Narcissus. I do believe you are LATE.

Better late than never!

When Edgar saw me with the camera, he thought he would be a much better subject. "See my mane?"

"There's the flower, try and snap it!"

Ahh...roses! Good for a good scratch and a bit of grooming!

Today's goal: get back into the Studio, and BE PRODUCTIVE! The weather is cooperating, and I see fog, not sunshine. toodles!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

How did you get away from fog yesterday (or today). It was pretty bad driving to Fresno both days for me. I wish I had your passion for gardening.

Anonymous said...

I love the flamingos!! I have one on my front porch - a gift from Loretta. Linda

loralie said...

I, too, like the flamingos. I don't have any, but I definitely think about getting some.