Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

First off, no, I did not catch the opossum. He actually returned a second time, within 30 minutes. arg!! I had my husband move his car so I could retrieve the humane trap from the attic. I set it up, but no luck. I almost caught one of my cats, but she thought better of it in the long run. Good choice, Hecate!

Today is the Day of Lists. Isn't it for everyone, in one way or another?

My son asked if I'm making any "resolutions." I told him that no, I'd rather set goals. I set goals I can accomplish, so my first one is to lose 3 pounds. I need to lose much more than that, but 3 sounds realistic. Once I hit and maintain that loss, I can set a new goal. Sound good? Sounds good to me, even looks good in print. Let's see if I can do anything about it in reality.

So anyway, I have compiled two lists, as I do on every January 1. First is the list of quilts completed in the previous year. Here goes:
  1. Penguin Parade

  2. “Ice” SAQA “This is a Quilt” entry

  3. Sharon Schlotzhauer Iris Quilt for SJ

  4. “The Flower Fades”

  5. “Passion” SAQA auction donation quilt – purchased by Karey Bresenhen

  6. “Glacier Ice”

  7. “No Time For Tradition” - 2011 Hoffman Challenge

  8. Airplanes Baby Quilt

  9. oversize underwater fishes baby quilt

I also completed 34 quilted cards, which felt like next to nothing.

The second list is my UFO Challenge List. Now this is a list that I'd prefer to see shrink, rather than grow.

This year's list has 36 items on it. Last year's list had 37. A small victory. Happily I am down from my previous high, which hovered around the mid-40's for years, so I AM making progress.

Rather than make you read my entire list, I'll give you the Top Ten.
  1. Rose Window Grad Q for Andrew

  2. Pastel Lone Star for Penelope

  3. Coxcomb for Allison&Jeff

  4. Splashing in the River of Joy

  5. Charlie in Color and Black and White

  6. Flying Penguins

  7. Blue&Gold Log Cabin (quilt, bind)

  8. Yellow Floral Bed Quilt

  9. Turquoise Tropical Medley

  10. Bright/Black Feather Star

The top ten are the ten I would most like to see completed. They are not necessarily the ones that will be given priority treatment. I know for a fact that #36 will be the first thing I complete, as that baby is already here, and his quilt has been basted for weeks. *sigh*

Perhaps I should add "get organized" to my Goals for 2012 list? Getting/staying organized is a daily struggle and a life long goal, so I doubt that putting it "officially" on my list would make much difference.

And there you go. Have you put together a list for 2012?

I do recommend listing your UFO's. It can be disheartening, as you unearth one after another after another, but the payoff of having the length of the list reduced over the course of the years is an encouragement to persevere.

In 2006, I had 46 UFOs on my list.
In 2007, I had 44.
In 2008, I had 33. (I only listed quilts I thought I might work on, not all of them.) I finished 15 quilts, and made 40 cards.
In 2009, I had 40. I finished 12 quilts and made 35 cards.
In 2010, I had 44. I finished 15 quilts and made 40 cards.
In 2011, it was 37. I finished 9 quilts and made 34 cards.
For 2012, it is 36.

And for January 1, I have a baby quilt to quilt and bind, 4 cards to work on and 3 quilts-for-hire just waiting for my attention.

Busy, busy, busy! Let's get at it! Welcome, 2012!!!

P.S. I just realized that I have an iris challenge and the Hoffman Challenge that I may or may not be completing this year. Kick that up 2, I guess I'm up to 38 for 2012...
P.S.S. And then there's the SAQA Auction. I might be doing a quilt for that as well...Do I hear 39?

I think I'd better sign off, before I remember any more projects that should be added to the list...


Deborah said...

I love the idea of looking at your accomplishments as well as your goals. Happy New Year to you, too!

Anonymous said...

I, too, started a list of UFO's today!! Found things I haven't seen in years!!!! There are a few other locations to look. Some have migrated out of the sewing room. Goals are definitely good. Stitch on and on and on.... Linda

loralie said...

Although I haven't listed all my UFO's, one of my goals is to use up what I have. So I will try to incorporate orphan blocks into projects.
I feel like I've made a good start. I need to make 6 baby quilts for 2012 and I completed the first today. Of course, all that was left to do was the hem, but it counts. I used up an extra block that I had in it, so I feel good about the whole project.

Happy New Year!
I enjoy your blog.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

I like the idea of a small weight goal - I'll have to do that too. Nice long list (sorry it kept growing though). I find it great way to keep on track by having a list of quilt that I want/need to get done.

Brenda said...

Love your lists.
I have similar lists of UFO's. There have been different methods of getting them done. My most successful has been 2 UFO's for every new quilt started.

Lately I have realized that my UFO's actually prevent me from being an art quilter. I can't ever sit down and "create" because I have too many UFO's to get cleared out. Oh when will they ever end?!!