Friday, January 13, 2012

Lots of Work To Do

And look who is helping.

She's not helping me, she's helping her man. He was digging holes, she was right beside him.

While they were working in the backyard, the farmers were working in the orchard. Once the blower had cleared the leaves from the berms, the tractor came by to crunch the leaves.

Since we haven't had any rain, the leaves are still completely intact instead of nicely composting.

Once the flail mower (I think that's what it was) had been through, it looked like this. So nice. So clean. So orderly.

The work on the remodel continues as well. Board by board, piece by piece. Unfortunately they burned out the bearings in their favorite saw this morning, so it came to a stand still for a bit.

And then there's the design wall. No designing going on in there, whatsoever. It's more like a holding pen, in a holding pattern. So much for this week's goals. Ah well, there's still Saturday, right? Right!

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