Saturday, June 30, 2012

All Better

I guess I must have dislocated something in my foot, which relocated itself during the course of the day.  My limp is gone, hurrah!  I'm still a bit bumped and bruised, but I feel terrific.  Thank you to those of you who commented.  I know.  I shouldn't be on a ladder on an incline.  Unfortunately I keep thinking I need to get back up there and finish the job!  Maybe I'll go shopping instead!
I found this velvet Log Cabin quilt at an Estate Sale yesterday.  It smells musty - ew! - but for $15, I thought it might be a good experiment to see if velvet can be washed in the bathtub.  So far, so good, except that it bleeds like crazy, and it still smells.  oh well.  Maybe a few days on the line will reduce the aroma?
The dog, who shall remain nameless, or called "Rocky", "Butch," "Spot," or "Jaws," (depending upon who you talk to) has been back for three days.  Do you suppose he will stay?  He has new scars since his last visit.  He acts like a lover, not a fighter.  At least he has no ticks this time around!
 The Chup-ster isn't feeling so hot.  Or maybe she's feeling TOO hot.  The heat is taking its toll, and the boys worry that she's not going to make it through the summer.  Once the sun goes down, she takes more of an interest in her surroundings.
And I guess that's about it.  Yard sales are calling, and then later, I may hole up in the Studio, and begin stitching 'til the cows come home.  (And since we don't have any cows, that could be a very long time!)  :)


sewmuchfun said...

Love the velvet quilt. Glad we don't have "smell-a-computer" :) I have one of my grandmothers quilts with velvet blocks in parts of the quilt.

Quilt Crazy said...

The dog knows a good thing when he sees it!

Tammie said...

What a sweet quilt!!! I read on a blog somewhere... Sorry I don't remember where. But, if you wash a quilt on the gentle cycle (very gentle) and use vinegar, yep the real smelly stuff, in the wash along with a "color catcher"... Your fabric colors will not bleed and that terrible smell will be gone. Just a thought to maybe help save that great old quilt.