Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Bit of an Update

As I've talked to various dog people, they all ask the same thing.  "Are you going to/why haven't you put her down?"  I cringe, and think that conversation is premature.  She's had a couple of very bad weeks, with the infection, but now that the infection is gone, she's out of pain.  She's weak, she tires easily, she hasn't wanted to eat...but her tail wags fiercely, and she continues to accompany the boy as he goes about irrigating.  Yesterday we gave her half a bag of fluids, and today I was greeted at the fence!
 Does she look like she wants to be put down?  I don't think so, not today.  (Look at the ham, trying to jump into the bottom of the frame.)
She hadn't eaten in a week, but today, she gobbled a dozen French fries.  She's not allowed protein, but rice and potatoes are encouraged, along with her Rx kibble.  When it was time to close the valves, she felt good enough to soak her feet.
 Tastes good, too!
 Ross Perro needs to check in on her, to make sure she's feeling okay.   "You doin' okay?"  "I'm fine."  "Okay.  S'long as you're okay!"
"You sure you're fine?"
 yep.  So fine, that she even laid herself down in the water.  I was too slow with the camera - she got up faster than I turned it on.
And there you have it.  Thank you for everyone's kind thoughts and prayers.  We gave her another round of fluids today, and she has another visit with the vet on Friday.  She's been starved before - she weighed less when we got her - so this is nothing new.  And eating French fries?  I'm hoping that a showing of appetite is a good thing...


Barbara Sindlinger said...

She'll let you know it's time. You'll know. Glad she's feeling better.

Quiltedtime said...

It looks like she's got some more good days ahead of her. I am in a similar situation right now with an older cat who has a significant heart murmur, and as a result, keeps losing weight. We just have to make a point of enjoying those precious moments that are left.