Friday, July 20, 2012

I Like Dogs

Now that is something I never thought I'd hear myself say.  "I like dogs."  ?  Really?  I used to like dogs, until I was 10 or 12.  Then my neighbor's dog, a German Shepherd that I'd known for years, came rushing out from under their house and bit the back of my leg as I was walking to their pool to swim.  The dog had had puppies.  Apparently I was a threat, even though I had no idea.  
Another neighbor had a boxer and a Saint Bernard.  One day the Saint Bernard latched onto my upper arm and wouldn't let go.  The only reason I don't have a mark is because I was wearing a sweat shirt.  From that time on, I've steered clear of dogs.  Sure.  I know that people love them, but they are aggressive.  Even in their friendliness, they jump on you and slobber all over you, and generally invade one's space.
Cats are more refined.  Cats respect my space.  They only scratch if I come after them, it's never been vice versa.
And then I met the Chupacabra.
 She was the most pathetic dog I'd ever come close to.  I've seen ugly unloved dogs before, but I'd never been inclined to touch one.  I have to say I was horrified when the menfolk put her in the car and brought her home.  Really?  Really?!!
 Life at the walnuts has been good for her.  When she came to live with us, she was over 10, missing the majority of her teeth, and in heat.  Good gravy!  How many pups has this dog given birth to?!!  We had her spayed, and in the process found out she was in kidney failure.  She eats special kidney diet dog food, to the tune of $75/bag (at cost!).  I never thought she'd last more than 6 months.
 And yet she did.  She thrived.
Until a week ago, when something went wrong.  One of her mammaries swelled up, to the point where she was having trouble walking.  It came up suddenly.  We called hubby, the cow vet, to come and see.  He gave her some medication, but it didn't seem to be helping.  Yesterday, we took her to the dog vet.  She's now on high-powered antibiotics, and doggie motrin.  Poor girl.  Her tail still wags, but she's lost a LOT of weight, and she doesn't like to move much.  The vet thinks it's a massive infection, so we're in wait and see.  He wants to see her again on Monday, so we're hopeful that she'll pull through.  In the meantime, she is confined to quarters (something she's not happy about) and being watched like a hawk.  If her kidneys crash, it won't be good.

Just thought you'd like to know.

I suddenly discover that I like dogs.  Who woulda thunk?


quiltedtime said...

Bless her heart! Prayers are coming Chupa's way.

pb said...

You just now discovered that you like dogs you take care of them like babies, it was obvious from the first that they captured your soft heart. You are a good pet owner.

sewmuchfun said...


Quilt Crazy said...

I also found out way into my adulthood I like dogs. They have a way of latching on to your heart. She is very lucky to have found your family.

dyanne said...

hoping chupa gets better. it makes me teary-eyed and i don't even know her

Barbara Sindlinger said...

It's hard to see any living creature in pain. Thank you for taking good care of her. Glad you like dogs.

Del said...

When she first came to live with you I was smitten. What a survivor she is. I'm glad she has had your love and all that engendered by your Blog posts about her. Here is another bunch of caring from SCalifornia.