Monday, July 23, 2012

The Number of Days

...teach us to number our days,
That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.  Psalm 90:12

The Chupa news is not good.  She has a malignancy.  Today we did bloodwork, to check her kidney function.  It's just about shot.  The kidneys are going to get her, not the cancer.  We're kind of keeping vigil, as she lost another 1.5 lbs over the weekend.  :(

The pit bull now has a name that he responds to.  That would be Ross.  As in Ross Perro.  Funny, that he wouldn't come to "Rocky," but when you say, "Ross!" his ears perk up.  He continues to try to chew his way through the entire contents of the property.  He's making good headway - or bad headway, depending upon whether or not you're a fan of his chewing.

On a lighter note, when we walked out of a breakfast place over the weekend, we saw a little bird town.  Apparently the strip mall does not mind their presence.

The nests are not empty.  Count the birdies, 1, 2...  And the cycle begins anew.

The only quilting news is that when I went into my Studio today, to look for some specific items, I discovered that one of my cats left a gift in a basket full of crazy quilt accessories.  Count it all joy, 1, 2, 3.  I have three suspects, but there's nothing I can do about it, as this obviously took place quite a while ago, and I am just now making the discovery.  I'm currently washing my way through the silk velvets.  groan.

Animals.  You just gotta love 'em!


quiltedtime said...

Well, Suzanne, it sounds like you have had the same kind of Monday that I have. Hang in there, girl. It will get better.

sewmuchfun said...

Sad for your dog. My parents get these "mud" birds at their house too!

Del said...

Thinking of Chupa and sending good thoughts for him - no pain. Del

Barbara Sindlinger said...

How sad for Chupa. I'm also sad about the gift one of your cats left you. Thank goodness most fabrics are washable. :)
Yes - we have to love our pets.