Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Thing of Beauty

New carpet meant moving all the furniture.  
Moving all the furniture meant reevaluating it: do I want to keep it?  Or should it go?
My garage is still full of things stuck in a holding pattern.  They didn't sell at the yard sale, but I'm not ready to give them away either.  
I have a vision for the guest room that doubles as my quilt show office.  The furniture is black, but it needed a desk.  My friend Mel built one for me, to my specifications.  I'd seen one at World Market that had the right lines, but it was too big.  This one is just right.
 I love the natural colored top.  It lightens the room, as I was worried about having too much black. 
Now that I have my table, I have no more excuses for not getting the room under control.  Hopefully the next time you see this room (like you see it now?), it will once again be functional.  And hopefully I will want to show it to you soon.  Goals are good!


Quilt Crazy said...

Love it!

Quiltedtime said...

It's always comforting to know that I have a kindred spirit out there who is always fussing and organizing like me. Such a daunting task, but we must march on!