Monday, November 19, 2012

Buncha Babies

Check off another one done:
 This was the third baby quilt I pieced at Hartland in October.  It is finished.  Isn't the fabric cute?  I'm pleased with the results.
 I've also encased the new dog bed with a nylon mesh.  It was part of a baseball pitching backstop, that the boys have had for years.
Speaking of dogs, here they are:
 How would you like to come face to face with those two?  Apparently Pixel isn't too concerned.
 Or maybe she is.
 Or maybe she just likes the thrill of danger?
If you were her size (or any size), would you get this up close and personal with Roscoe?
 Nose to far, so good...
 sniff  SNIFF
 "Hey, Bud, will you hide me from Ms. Teeth over there?  Thankyousomuch!"
I couldn't take it.  Pixel's papasan had gone to help a friend with a car.  I was left in charge of Pixel.  I took her back to the other house, away from all the big teeth.  The boys have more trust in the big dogs than I do.  I continue to admit that the shepherd makes me quiver, especially when the tail stops wagging and she begins to give me the stare down.  "Sorry!  Gotta run!"
Pixel started on the floor on the passenger's side, then climbed to the passenger's seat, and eventually made her way to sanctuary.  I was NOT pleased, but I guess it was safer for everyone than had she gone under the seat and my feet.

Son, I think you might need to invest in a small dog carrier.


Quilt Crazy said...

Lucky lucky dogs!

Barbara Sindlinger said...

I have a dog who likes to drive - literally puts his paws on the steering wheel - usually the horn honks the whole way. He loves to drive.
Pixel is just adorable. I think it's cute how she cuddled next to Roscoe. Looks like he wants to protect Pixel too.