Saturday, November 17, 2012

More From the Stitchfest

I'll tell you a secret.  I didn't get back from Avila Beach until yesterday afternoon.  I got so much done, I can hardly believe it.  I showed you two baby quilts in my last post.  I've quilted two more, and applied the bindings.  I just need to tack them down.  I'll show you when they are finished.

I cut the foundation pieces, to increase the size of my "challenge" crazy quilt.  I've been wanting to do that since mid-October.

I started sewing Log Cabin blocks, made from floral fat quarters gifted to me by my Best of the Valley committee after the show closed in 2011.  I found the stash of fabrics when I cleared out for carpet.  It was a delightful discovery.  By the time I left on Friday, had 14 rounds of the 17 logs completed...on 50+ blocks!

 I finally had the uninterrupted time to concentrate and cut the background for this Lone Star.  Do you recognize it?  I pieced it at Hartland in April 2011, I bought the background fabric in Paducah in April of this year.  How long does it take to make a quilt?  Sometimes 
F O R E V E R!!

 Once I'd finished insetting the blocks, I realized it needs more border to float it.  oh dear.  I cut the gradation in such a manner that I can't float the quilt in the same fabric.  I do have some of a perfect fabric - it's a very pale red-violet/purple with a crocus-type flower on it...but I don't have enough of it.  Does anyone have any of this in their stash?  It's probably 4-5 years old...

 Another project I brought along was a slab of 3" foam and some canvas.  My task was to build a dog bed that the dogs can't eat.  This is the base.  My current thought is to put some sort of nylon web/mesh over it, so that even if they sink their teeth into it, they can't tear it apart.

I know.  Stop laughing!!  ;)

I didn't spend the entire time indoors sewing, I did get out a bit.  Unfortunately I kept forgetting my camera!  But it was nearby, when Wednesday gifted me with this spectacular sunset:

Did you notice that even the ocean glows pink?

The next day, the postmistress told me that the reason it was so beautiful was that they'd done a "controlled" burn at Montana de Oro, and it got out of control.  Thanks, guys!  It was lovely!  (I doubt the same can be said for the park.)

And on that, I've got some binding to stitch down.  More pictures soon!  Goals are good!


Quiltedtime said...

Yes, some quilts take FOREVER...sometimes just because the perfect fabrics can't be found ;-(.

I am glad you got so many of the other smaller projects finished.

I am working on my quilt that never seems to end far, so good...

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Let me know how that dog bed works! :)

sewmuchfun said...

Wow, what a way to have some "quilting time". Good work!

Quilt Crazy said...

I'm glad you had a nice time. Aren't we lucky to have an Ocean Paradise so close?