Monday, December 31, 2012

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Counting down for the New Year?  No, that's what everyone else is doing.  I'm counting down surfboards...50 to be exact.

Or not.

When I counted my finished appliqued blocks, I had 52.  oops.  Two identical sets of 26, when I needed two sets of 25.  oh well.  over achiever!

I'm finally to the point where I can spread them out and see how they look.

 Not bad.  Not bad at all.  My surfing son gave it his seal of approval. 

After looking at the image on the computer, I see that I've got a lot of grey surfboards in the 4th row.  I've already switched them around, but I didn't take a picture.

(Yes, Lisa, that is your partially quilted quilt in the bottom lefthand corner.  I hope to get back to it soon.  Goals are good!)

I have a specific size for the finished surfboard quilts.  These blocks are 10" x 14", so it's been kind of a challenge.  I've just gone with the flow, to see what happens.  Actually, it's all working out quite nicely.

Vertically between the blocks, I'm piecing sashing that is 2" 1" 2" 1" 2" 1"....2"  until it measures 14".  The finished sashes are 1" wide.  I think the horizontal sash will be made of 2" x 1" pieces.  This will be surrounded by a border made of 4" squares.

I've supplied all of the beachy background fabrics.  The Hawaiian print surfboards, sashing, and borders are all cut from shirts.  My client hired me to make memory quilts for her boys, using her father's shirts.  I think they're turning out very nicely. 

They weren't done by Christmas, they're not done by New Year's, but they'll be done soon.  Goals are good and all that.  My goal for 2013 is to once again become a productive quilter. 

Happy New Year, one and all!


Quiltedtime said...

These really look good, Suzanne. Your sashing fabrics, especially the ones with the red, add so much to the design. Keep goin'!

Quilt Crazy said...

I love the Surf Boards! Makes me want to go to Pismo Beach!

Barbara Sindlinger said...

coming along great. I love this design.