Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Like Christmas

Last night our art group, Sew Eclectic, got together for our annual Christmas party.  This year, instead of individual gifties for everyone, we each made one quilt.  The small art quilt was to reflect our "style."  Like I have a style? 

The quilts were put in bags, and numbered 1-14.  Numbers were then drawn by the gift-givers.  If you drew your own number, you put it back and drew again.  Then we went around the room, opening them one at a time.  SO fun.  It was amazing.  We knew who made each quilt before the recipient read the label. 

This is how it went down:

Barbara received the one I made.

Kristin received the one Beth made.

Sara received Jeremy's.

Jeremy received Wanda's.

DeAnn received the one Charlotte made.

Wanda received the one Debbie made.

I received Kristin's.  (LOVE that sexy beaded fringe!)

Barbara made and framed quilted letters for Beth.

Sharon received DeAnn's sunflower.

Debbie opened a quilt from Sharon.

Deolinda's quilt went to Pat.

Pat's quilt went to Deolinda.

And last, but not least, Sara's quilt went to Charlotte.

The evening finished with our annual group picture.  Missing are Barbara D, and Cindy.  I think everyone else was present.

Is this a superb way to get into the Christmas spirit?  ohmygoodness, yes it is!!

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Quilt Crazy said...

All of the Quilts were beautiful! And the Dinner was over the top. Thanks for sharing the pictures.