Thursday, December 27, 2012


During Christmas, we had an unexpected houseguest.  I had planned to blog about him, but what with the busy-ness, it just didn't happen.  Long story short, on Saturday, a woman came to our door with a cat. 

It was pouring rain, and they were out walking their dogs.  The cat came howling up to them, demanding attention.  A neighbor told them that it had been dumped on the block a few days earlier.  oh my.  I assured her that I would give it a place to live, as I looked for the owner.

It's not so easy to look for an owner these days.  I posted a flyer on my mailbox, and another at the street corner.  In the meantime, Pixel and the cat became fast friends.
(As soon as I stopped recording, Pixel rolled right off the couch!  hahaha!  She was immediately back up, to resume play.)

Kitty was part of our Christmas picture - who knows where the other cats were? - and seemed happy to live here forever.  I cringed a bit, thinking "5 cats makes it official - Cat Crazy Lady!"  but it was such a nice cat, surely it had a home?  I found nothing posted on Craigslist or in the newspaper.  *sigh*

Yesterday I took it to the vet, as Pixel was due for another round of vaccinations.  They scanned the kitty and...he had a chip!  Bob Cat was a rescue kitty who had now been rescued again.  He lives 10 miles from here.  His owner was delighted to get him back, and said that he'd been beside himself, worried that Bob had met a gruesome fate.  It hadn't occurred to him that Bob had been grabbed and dumped.  I suspect that Bob will be kept indoors even more than before.

As I was driving home from the vet, bringing Bob 10 miles closer to his owner, I had a very good, happy feeling.  Sure, Bob is a great cat, and I would not have minded keeping him, but to reunite an owner with his missing kitty?  Absolutely wonderful!

Even the heavens agreed with me, as this appeared on my way home.
If you click, you can see that it's a double rainbow.

Don't you just love happy endings?


Barbara Sindlinger said...

What a great story with a happy ending. Love the play between the cat and dog.

Quiltedtime said...

Such a sweet story! I hope that Bob slows down on his adventures.

Elaine said...

We have a lot in common: we love cats, quilting and Jesus-not necessarily in that order:). What a great story. I am also a Cali girl-well at 65 maybe not a "girl". Happy new Year!

Maureen said...

So good to have a happy ending.Cats, quilting go together at least in my home

Quilt Crazy said...

I love happy stories!