Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Keeping On Track

So. Day #5 of my escape from the heat.  go, go, go!  That's been the order of business.  Sure, I've got my sewing goals, but oh my.  There are SO many distractions!

First, I will show you proof that I have knocked Goal #2 off of the list:
There you go.  What had earlier looked like this:
Has been cut, stitched, pressed, and turned into 25 background blocks for a surfboard quilt.  For those of you asking for a pattern, it is finally in the works.  yay!

Today's project is to transform this:

into 6" strips that will be cut and cut and cut again, and mixed and matched and pieced and pressed and...well, I have great plans for Goal #4.  Perhaps, by the end of tomorrow, I will have completed the background of this organic quilt.  :)

Goal #3 is progressing quite nicely.  It's to get the top for the Thimble Towne Color Challenge ready for quilting.  Two of the four applique are secure.  Two down, two to go.  And two more evenings of hand-stitching and movie-watching are on the docket.

In the meantime, it's SO easy to get distracted. 

 Last night's distractions included dinner with my sister and my dad.  They seem to be VERY interested in the progress of the Dodgers.  :)
It's a good week.

Back to production!  :)


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Go go go! How many more days do you have? said...

You can do it! You are one of the most focused people I know.

sewmuchfun said...

Loving your daily progress and coastal pics!!

Quiltedtime said...

Good for you!!!