Thursday, July 4, 2013

Little Things

We're sort of sweltering here, trying to pretend all is cool in the middle of an oppressive heat wave.  Quilting?  Don't feel like doing it.  Housework?  bah, humbug.  About all the energy I can scrape up is enough to refill my ice water and go back to collapsing on the couch.  ugh.

Okay, so maybe I exaggerate.  But not much.  ;)

I don't feel like I'm getting anything done.  It's just little things.  In reality, I've made a few birthday quiltlets and popped them in the mail.  Photos?  I forgot to take them.  I've made some postcards too.  Photos?  Same thing.  *sigh*  I took a photo this morning, and found one from a while back, that I forgot to post.

Which style do you prefer?  The 4 x 6" stiff postcard, with the writing on the back?  Or the soft, quilted 5 x7" quiltlet? 

Making quiltlets is easier, because I don't need to think ahead as I make them.  With postcards, I have to remember to add any embellishment first, before fusing to the peltex.  Adding beads or doodads after fusing just makes a mess.

The only problem with the quiltlets, is that I've had recipients ask me, "What is it?  It's a doily, right?"  umm, well, I kinda thought it was a Piece of Art, but if you want to use it as a doily, be my guest.  The beads and buttons might make that a bit challenging...

I've made at least 3 other quiltlets that I've sent off without photography.  oh well.  They were made from leftovers from my green crazy quilt.  The two pieces in the photos were made from scraps from the surfboard quilts.  I've got surf on the brain, as I look forward to another week on the coast in the not-so-distant future.

And the quilting machine?  Haven't touched it.  I'm working on a costume for my daughter's co-worker. 

Perhaps, on Monday, I'll fire up the machine.

Oh, wait.  I need to finish beading my latest quilt for the Design Board Challenge.  I think we meet on Monday night.  The machine will have to wait until Tuesday.

Stay cool!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Which style do you prefer? The 4 x 6" stiff postcard, with the writing on the back? Or the soft, quilted 5 x7" quiltlet?

the stiff postcard you can at least prop up to display easier. (That's what I have done with mine.)

And this heat is making it hard to be motivated - but I have my round robin quilt that I want to get done so I have been sitting under a fan machine quilting like a fiend.

At least you are getting the small stuff done, right?

Quiltedtime said...

It's hot here, too. I am sitting near the AC vent, a ceiling fan, and an oscillating fan. But I am getting some quilting done, so I guess that's all that matters.

I like the stiff cards better. Like Barb said, you can prop them up.