Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Few Small Things

I've finally gotten back to work on the quilt-for-hire.  I spent a few hours on it today, and made some visible progress.  That's a good thing!  There are still hours (and hours) to go, but perhaps I will finish this week.  Goals are good, even if it's the same goal week after week after week.  One of these weeks I'll meet it!

I cut 6 more surfboards and got them appliqued.  I think I need to take one off and relocate it.  It's a bit high.
Or maybe it's just closer to the surf.

I made a few cards that went out in today's mail.  The first two were made from scraps, leftover from the Color Challenge.

These next two were made from scraps, leftover from one or another of my ocean-themed quilt endeavors.

I swung by the walnuts today, to see if there are many nuts left in the trees:
 I spy!
Wow.  That first orchard picture really gives you a sense of scale, doesn't it?  A 60' tree next to a 6'2" man.  yowza!

This week's goal is again to work on that quilt-for-hire.  I also have to cut out two costumes:  one for an adult Belle, the second for a granddaughter-sized princess.  This week is going to be fun, fun, fun!!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

Can't wait to see the costumes. :)

I'm on the 'surfboard is closer to the ocean' side. But if it will bug you, change it.