Sunday, October 20, 2013


We ran off this weekend and saw a bit of Pacific International.  Congratulations to all who had work hanging.  It's always an amazing show, and it's exciting to hang with the big guns.  :)

Special congratulations to Cindy Seitz-Krug and Molly Hamilton-McNally for their BOS, "Everlasting Bouquet."

 My little quilt, "Strelitzia" hung where "random guys" could check it out.
 But I think that guy might have been more interested in the new 49er stadium going up across the street!
Time at the quilt show passed quickly, and before you know it, we were headed north to visit our daughter's family.  Oh look!  That same guy at the quilt show showed up at their house, with a Penny on his back!

 Some reading,
 Some swinging,
 Some dining,
Some dancing,

And the next thing you know, it's time to head home.  Great weekend, all around!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

We were wondering what that stadium was being build for. I can't believe how grown up Penny is looking -still adorable as ever. That random guy does show up in a lot of your pictures - I think you may have a stalker.

sewmuchfun said...

Congrats on your quilt. It is beautiful. Also the one in the book! I only saw one familiar face at the PIQF show :)

Quilt Crazy said...

I think that Random Guy likes you,? :)