Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Help Nancy!

One of our favorite vendors at Best of the Valley, Nancy Rink, has had a horrible week.  On July 19, she posted that someone broke into her studio and stole a quilt.  She blogged about it here.  You would think that they (the thief/ves) would be satisfied?  oh, no.  They weren't.  They went back over the weekend and stole SIXTEEN more of her quilts!!  Is this someone who loves her work?  Or someone trying to put her out of business?  Or what?

She's posted on Facebook, where you can see all of the quilts.  Please, keep your eyes and ears open.  Someone somewhere knows something, and with this many quilts?  It will be tricky to keep them ALL hidden from view.  Help Nancy!  Let's find her quilts!

Around here, things aren't nearly as "exciting."

Pixel has been de-squeaking Scruffy's toys.  Every time I get a pile of them, I put the stuffing back in and stitch them up.  My mantel was full, so these got stitched over the weekend:
And really, that's about it from around here for now. 

Quilt on...


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Breaks my heart about Nancy.

I can't believe you re-stuff the toys. I just pick up the stuffing and let it go. They will just unstuff them again anyway. Plus it all blends in with the tennis ball fuzz that is everywhere.

sewmuchfun said...

So sad for Nancy. Horrible people that stole her quilts!