Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Over the weekend I had Grand Plans.  The menfolk were off to Pismo, and I was home alone, with the dogs and my Bernina.  Just think of the massive quantities of quilting I could accomplish!  Oh, goals are good!

But, instead of take on a REAL project, I started weaving scraps.  And when I wasn't sleeping, I was embroidering in front of the TV.  Have you watched Royal Pains?  It's on Netflix streaming, and I find it delightful.  That, and Chuck, which cracks me up in its corny-ness.  But I digress.

One slipped into the mail before I snapped its photo, doggone!  But I managed to capture the others, before they escape.  They are destined to those with long ago birthdays that passed by the wayside without my acknowledgement.

I am thinking bad thoughts at Blogger, as it flipped all of the images except for the one that I flipped myself.  I have no idea why it chooses to flip some and not others.  My apologies for the crick in your neck, if you actually tried to look at them.  arg.  And it's not like it's even consistent.  I think I'll flip this on 90 degrees to the right, and this one 90 degrees to the left.  What a bother!

Stay tuned.  I don't know what I'll have for you next, but perhaps it won't involve any contortionist activities.  Goals are good.  ;)


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Love Royal Pains. I've been watching since it started and I loved Chuck. I have the last episode still on my DVR because I loved watching that one.

Again, your cards are spectacular.

Quiltedtime said...

Beautiful! Are you caught up on your cards now?

I watch People's Court while I sew. Some really goofy people and stories on there.

Anonymous said...

These are uber charming Suzanne! Not a REAL project? They look real to me. I especially love the bird -- but I'm always drawn to beads. Gosh, I just love them all!

Elaine said...

Looks like to accomplished a lot! Those are beautiful-the recipients will be thrilled. I am watching Mcleod's Daughters (australia) while I sew-addicting. I am on episode 174 and there are 224. Love the accents-I think I am starting to say "yeah" in response to everything:)