Friday, June 5, 2015


I have all the time in the world this week, and haven't made the most of it.  Sure, I've done a bit here, and a bit there, but nothing important.

I decorated the yard with a gift from my sister.
 I added another creamer to my ever-expanding collection.  Best $2 I spent today.
 The aluminum bucket is the best $6 I spent today.  I plan to leave it by the kitchen sink, to fill with water that runs while I'm waiting for it to turn warm.  The potted avocado tree, which I'll have you know I've grown from a seed, will be a recipient of this water, along with other drought-stressed plants in the yard.
 And yes, I did do some sewing.  This top is now together.  It needs a border, but nothing says, "Use me!  Use me!"  It is now off the design wall, and hanging in the closet.  A UFO, for another day.
This afternoon's project?  I've been piecing together some scraps that my sister gave me for Christmas, 2014.  If I do it right, I'll soon have some quilted seat covers for some old $5 chairs from another sale a few years back.

The collecting/junking/hoarding gene.  I may have just a touch.  How about you?


sewmuchfun said...

No junking gene here, but I love to,see other people's

Barbara Sindlinger said...

I just think if I buy this I'll have to dust it so back on the shelves it goes. But like Diane I like to see other peoples collections.