Monday, June 29, 2015

Out and About

Over the weekend, hubby and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary.  oh. my. goodness.  How did we get to be so old?!  He indulged me with a week at the beach, and he's actually come a long way in learning to enjoy it.  He's more of a mountains/river guy, but this year?  The mountains are too dry, and the rivers...hard to enjoy.  And so, it's beach for the both of us, and I'm not the only one smiling.  See?
There was a roving photographer at our lunch destination, and we took her up on her offer of a "free photo."  The first one was awful - who were those old people?!! - but when I told her it was our anniversary, she ushered us out to the harbor for something special.  This one is a keeper.

We've been walking the beach, miles each day.  Hubby is getting his exercise, I stop every few steps to watch a surfer or a bird, or to pick up a shell or stone, or to snap a photo of this that or the other thing.  Here are a few examples:  This guy had a fan strapped to his backside, and he was buzzing back and forth past where the surfers hang out.  If he went down, it would not be good.
 This gull was one of the most regal I've seen.  Most of them remind me of flying rats.  I'm not usually a fan.
 The pelicans trade off lifeguard duty.  Some are banded, some are not.  That's how we know they're taking turns.
And then there is the worry about poachers.  Apparently it's a problem.  (Check that bird's beak!  I think he's an offender!)
 I only brought along handwork.  This old quilt top, which I bought and began quilting back in the mid-90's, is almost finished.
 See?  I'm down to the last corner.  woohoo!
And finally, I've got to share some of my sunset shots.  On our anniversary, evening we were out for a stroll.  The photo ops just kept on coming.
 There was the distant sailboat, and the lifeguard tower.
 But I think our favorite was the chairs/umbrellas tableau.  The furniture was up for a couple of days, and then it disappeared.  Simply lovely.
The best part of the beach escape is that at home, they're in the midst of a 100+ heat wave.  I think it was supposed to last 12 days, but I haven't even looked at the forecast.  I'm just assuming it's been horrendously hot, and I am not.  Whatever it takes, to survive another summer.  :)

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

Happy Anniversary. Glad you enjoyed your vacation. Love seeing all the pictures.