Monday, June 15, 2015

Progress Report

The tidepool quiltlet has moved forward a bit.  First I trimmed the stabilizer, hoping that I'd get a bit more loft when I quilted it.
 Then I layered it with a scrap of cotton batting,
 And quickly, I quilted it, going around the seaweed and the starfish, and then filling in the background.
Then I trimmed and squared it.
 Oh, doesn't it look nice?!
 You can see the quilting on the back.  Not too shabby.
Then I faced it.  Here, you can see the four pieces of facing, as I'm preparing to tack them down.
 It's so cute!  As you can see, it's not overly large.
 Next up:  Embellishment.  I've got my initial selections picked out.  Now, to pick up a needle.
In other news, my Shutterfly book has arrived.  I'm so excited!  Well, I was REALLY excited, until I realized I hadn't gone over the fonts carefully enough.  I meant to enlarge them on every page, but only remembered on the first few.  Also, some of the text is printed in black.  I thought I'd changed it all to white.  But other than that, and a few not-quite-perfect photo choices, I love it!
 The cover should have had the title in all caps.  oops.  And my name should be white.  oops again.
 I focused on pictures of ocean inspiration, more than I did the quilts.  I snuck in a few finished quilts, as well as a few that are not yet finished.
 The next to the last page looks unbalanced.  After 3.5 hours of working on the book, and the looming expiration of the coupon, I decided, "How bad can it be?"  It's not bad, but it's definitely not best.
I'm now debating whether to do this one over again, only with the changes I'd wish to see, or to start on the next one.  Any guesses as to what book 2 will showcase?  If you're thinking "Garden-Inspired Quilting," you might be right.

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