Tuesday, June 9, 2015

SO Hot

Summer is upon us.  Yesterday, we hit 105.  It sounds crazy to say, "I'm so glad it's only supposed to be 96 today."  I mean, really.  When you think of CA, do you think of 100+?  No, I didn't think so.

The heat inspired this postcard, which I made yesterday, for our Art Group's "Celebrate" exchange.  I was going to celebrate "dog days of summer," but I couldn't find any dog fabric.  Instead, I celebrated "yellow."
 Attendance was sparse, but the interest in postcard trades continue.  These are the cards that were traded yesterday.  Again, the theme was "Celebrate."  (I like the one celebrating chocolate.)
Other than the postcard?  It's been too hot to think about sewing.  But really, that's not a legitimate excuse.  I have a LOT of projects that I'd like to finish, and this summer is my primary chunk of quilting time.  I need to stop wasting it.

In other news, the walnuts are still growing, and despite our heavy pruning in January - "because you're probably going to have a lot of breakage this year" - the breakage is heartrending.  We're not just talking branches, we're talking BRANCHES.
 I drove under/next to that particular branch, and came home with this souvenir on my windshield.
I was heading around to the back of the walnuts, to drop off the Best of the Valley Ladies. They are now hanging around out back, drying out a bit.  This is not their permanent home, that remains to be decided.  We used to have a wearable competition at the quilt show, but participation dropped off so much that we dropped it.  But we still have the ladies.  Aren't they lovely?
And I guess that's it.  Hopefully I'll have more quilting news to report before the week is over.

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