Friday, October 24, 2008

A Nice Surprise

I walked to the mailbox yesterday and pulled out a thick pile of mail. When I opened one of the envelopes, look what I found! (The surprise was the card, not blogger's fiddling with my picture.)

I took more than one picture, trying to get the color and the quilting to show. Here's another surprise - this one published in the correct orientation!!

Thank you, Wendy! These little cards are addictive, aren't they?!! :) (This was in response to the "50" card I'd given her earlier this month.)

A while back, I posted an applique block of Charlie, hinting that there might be more in the works. I finished this one last night. Yes, I know. The eyes need work. But it still cracks me up, which is the point of it.

Finally, the best surprise is that the Best of the Valley quilt show website is visibly under construction. I haven't mentioned the show at all recently, but changes are in the air. And I've got a hand in them. Stay tuned. One of these days I'll show you my cards...

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