Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bitty Birdies

Yesterday I was cleaning, and heard some odd noises out front. I looked through the blinds, and saw the cutest little black-headed birdies, scratching and pecking at the dirt. ohmygosh, run for the camera. I stuck the lens through the blinds and snapped.

Wait a minute. That looks like a brown bird. Where's the cute black-headed one? There he is, over by the sago palm. snap.

No, more plain brown birds. Must be the ladies. snap. snap. I kept taking pictures, FINALLY I got the one with the black head. The photo does NOT do him justice, and there were more than a few of these guys. They were darting and hopping, and having a grand old time.

**I've been told these are either phoebes or... oh, now I can't remember! And I'm pretty sure we decided that they are the second choice, whatever it was. My memory! arg!

Just in case you're wondering, they were not in harm's way. Our "cats" like to masquerade as bed bumps all day long. Charlie took a brief nap break, but for the most part? It's snooze, snooze, and snooze some more, even when I'm trying to fold the laundry. sigh. What a trio of bums!!

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