Sunday, January 4, 2009

Doing Some Reading

No pictures today, sorry about that. I haven't been doing much - if you call undecorating not doing much - but I have been reading. I've picked up a number of new-to-me books by one of my favorite authors. He goes by the name of T. Davis Bunn as well as Davis Bunn. He wrote my all-time favorite book, The Quilt. (It ranks as all-time favorite, because it was life-changing, and I think I've read it at least 10 times. I can't think of another book that ranks that highly...other than my Bible...)

Anyway, I read a small novel of his just before Christmas. It was called The Book of Hours. I really enjoyed it. I moved on to Winner Takes All, which I also enjoyed. Yesterday I devoured Imposter, and tonight I'm getting ready to tackle My Soul To Keep. (And yes, I realize I should be underlining the book titles, but my boys aren't here and I can't remember the keys to make it happen.)

So. If you are in the mood for a good clean book, may I recommend something by Davis Bunn? Some are thrillers, some are serious stories, some have faith as their centerpiece. I'd send you to his website, but it didn't do anything for me - had I seen it first, I probably would have avoided his books. (That wasn't very nice to say, but it's true...)

Anyway, that's all folks. No sewing today, just a lot of undecorating. Christmas is almost a distant memory. I just need to pull a few more quilts off the wall and change the tablecloth.

Welcome to January!!

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quiltedtime said...

Me, too. One of my students gave me a generous gift card for Barnes & Noble, so I loaded up on Agatha Christie mysteries--my favorite. Read 6 books while on vacation. Delicious!