Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Each Day's Troubles

It doesn't look like much, does it? Even with the picture turned sideways, you can see what it is, can't you? It was a bit of a bubbling trickle, it's turning into a bubbling brook. And 20 minutes after calling it in, it has gained momentum and is beginning to trickle from the patch installed in November.

It's a lot of water. I found it when I went out to unload the pipes from my car. I called it in to CA Water Service. They transferred me to the City. They transferred me to the Treatment Plant. They asked, "Did you call CA Water?" umm, yeah, that's where I started. So the treatment man came out and HE's called CA Water. I haven't seen them yet, but I expect that my plans to unload my car and wash more pipes today just went kablooey.

At least I now have phone service!!!! (I woke up yesterday without internet access, and I was NOT a happy camper.) Today both phone and internet are working, but if the water's leaking, I may lose water service before the day is done.

Good thing it's not stressful for everyone. Some of us can make lemonade.

Looks good...

Tastes good...

Can you believe it? He is STANDING in it. This cat LOVES water.

Stay tuned, there are certain to be more pictures before the day is done...

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quiltedtime said...


You probably already know this, but the reason your kitty likes water is because it obviously has some Maine Coon lineage. I have two and they are absolutely funny and delightful. More like dogs than cats :-)