Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting To Step One

Ahh, such grand plans! I WANT to do the 12-step program. I NEED to do the 12-step program. But getting to that first step? It's harder than I thought!!!

I have a rule when it comes to sewing. Before I'm allowed to sew ANYTHING (unless I'm mending clothing), I MUST do all the ironing first. That meant that these shirts, that have been waiting for attention for at least 2 weeks - I told you I haven't been sewing! - needed to be ironed.

Consider it done. No, I didn't just move them. I really did iron them and hang them in the proper closets.

But then there's this ironing as well. The fabric that I've been accumulating since Christmas needs to be washed and pressed. I started washing yesterday. yep. That's quite a pile. It's going to take a while...

It did, but it's done. For now. I think I just heard the dryer finish. The pile seems to spontaneously generate.

It took me so long to get the ironing done, that when I finally turned to look for the sewing machine...

I gave up. Step 1 is not going to happen today. I can't do any machine quilting without a major overhaul of the table top. Instead, I finished sewing up one side of the tree from the Sue Rasmussen class back in November. The portable design wall has been in my way since that class, and it's driving my nuts (as my daughter used to say). I HAVE to get it out of my way, and it doesn't take much table space to sew a bunch of 4" seams.

And that's my story as to why Step 1 remains undone, despite the fact that it was the ONLY thing I'd planned to do today. sigh. Goals are good.

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