Monday, January 5, 2009

How Much Does It Take?

Have I told you that I've recently assumed the chairmanship of the Best of the Valley Quilt Show? Surely I must have mentioned it, probably when I was gasping at the stacks of boxes in my garage back in November. I know that I took lots of pictures of redoing my side of the garage, making space for the stuff. That's one thing that comes with the chairmanship. It comes with lots of stuff. :)

On Friday, I picked up another load. Glory be! It was only a small load. This was the end of the stuff from Bobbi's garage. I spent this afternoon looking to consolidate (haha) and make it fit. (I used to LOVE that program, you just pushed the button for "make it fit" and it did. No such luck with my garage.) But here is the before:

And here is the after:

A few of these things are not BOTV property (like the door and the table and my drying boards, but I'd say 95% of this stuff belongs to the quilt show.

But that wasn't all. There is also PVC pipe for hanging quilts. The pipe was stored in an airplane hangar. How much pipe is there? Would it fit in my car? How much pipe does it take to hang a show of approximately 300 quilts? (uhhh, maybe at least 300 pieces of pipe?)

I picked up the pipe today. Here's what it looked like from the passenger's side:

Here's the view from the back:

And here's from the driver's side.

Yep. That's a lot of pipe.

And it's a bit dirty. I considered emptying my car, washing it, and retying it so that it is ready for April's show, but I was saved by the weather. :) Thank the Lord, it rained all afternoon! Instead, after stowing the latest load of stuff on the shelves, I stowed my car in the garage...still carrying its load of pipe.

I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow afternoon.

And is that perfect timing or what?!! Tomorrow afternoon is when ATT has promised to come fix my telephone. If I have to be chained to the house, I may as well make myself useful!!!

Unfortunately quilt show business means that no sewing is taking place. But that's okay. I'll think about that tomorrow.


pb said...

how is the quilting getting done on the green area of the total goal. Last night I pinned a quilt and fused the wacky flowers. Yeah! Now finishing a Christmas gift quilt. Getting better I must say.

quiltedtime said...


If you need any help with the show, be sure and ask. Because of my job thingy, (which totally interferes with my quilting and socializing) I am only available on weekends, but could conceivably pick up some things and take them home to do.

My hat is off to you for taking on such a tremendous job.

Jan Krentz said...

WOW, Suzie - that is a lot of stuff. I am sure Bobbi is relieved to transfer it all to you!