Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Answering A Few Questions...

Encompassing Tradition
Suzanne Kistler 2007

Yesterday I posted this picture, and it generated a few questions. Interesting. I didn't expect that. If two of you took the time to ask, I'm guessing that maybe more of you were also wondering about this little wall-hanging?

"Encompassing Tradition," was my entry into the 2007 Hoffman Challenge. Allison asks, "Where have you been hiding this quilt?" Well...I wasn't exactly hiding it. It was traveling around for a year, and didn't come home until October 2008. This is the first show opportunity that I've had to submit it to, and I'm pleased that it actually qualified and was accepted. Because of its year of traveling, it will have a very limited show life.

Quiltedtime asks about the background fabric. Ahhh. It is beautiful, isn't it? It's a Laura Wasilowski hand-dye, that I bought in Paducah in 2007. I think I paid $20/yard. yikes. I'm usually a penny-pincher, but that fabric screamed, "I'm PERFECT!!!" And you know? The fabric was correct. It IS perfect!

And finally, I just want to remind you that if you stated your 12-Step goal for January, and you completed that goal before 2/1/09, I have a little something for you. Quiltedtime, Brenda, your goodies should be in the mail today. (Brenda, I just need your mailing address.)

And I think that's a wrap. I've got quilt show work to do, and it's not getting done while I'm sitting here playing!! Enjoy your day! Quilt on!!!

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