Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Missing Step

I didn't just whip these together. I'd already pieced the cards, I only had to select backings and finish them off. Here are the steps. I apologize for some of the blurry photographs. The camera just did NOT feel like focusing. And when it's not in the mood, there's not much I can do about it.

When I skipped out on you, I had the top trimmed and "square." The backing has been cut 5/8" larger all around. You are at the ironing board.

I fold the first side over the front and press, making the crease to the edge nice and crisp.

I fold the corner up 45 degrees, leaving a small space between the edge of the batting and the fold. I think my pressing instructions were pretty clear, I just wanted to share this nice crisp photo. (I'm not sure how I got it!)

When I begin sewing, I turn under the raw edge, leaving about a 1/4" "binding." I begin in the middle of a side, at least a few inches from the first corner.

As I approach the corner, I turn up the backing, along the crease.

Here is a second, better picture of approaching the corner.

Then I turn under the turnunder, and prepare to sew my way to the corner.

It's a tricky thing, and my finger is too fat to accomplish a smooth turn.

If you pull out the stiletto, the turn is much more manageable.

Here I've completed the first turn and am zooming along a straightaway.

I slow down as I approach the next corner.

I turn up the corner along the crease.

I check my angle, and turn under the raw edge.

I've already used the stiletto to turn the corner, making sure that I've picked up the next edge, and away I go, headed to the next corner.

Here I am, after rounding the last corner. As you can see, I've turned under the remaining raw edge and am headed back to where my stitching began.

Here is the finished card. Once I'd bound it, I decided that it needed to be quilted around the verse. Again, I've added my signature and the date in the lower left triangle. And now, it's ready to go.

I got the idea for these cards from a postcard my friend Sharon made for me. She makes her cards a bit stiffer, so they can go through the mail without an envelope. (I put mine in transparent envelopes.) As you can see, she's added lots of beadwork. She handed this to me in person, it did NOT go through the mail! (I apologize for the fuzzy photo. I blame the camera.)

Here are my final cards, all spruced up and ready to go.

Thanks for checking in, and I hope that you have fun creating a quilted card or two of your own!

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