Thursday, February 26, 2009

Something To Report

Best Handworkmanship, Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival 2009
"Encompassing Tradition"
Suzanne Kistler, 2007

When I posted a picture of this little quilt a few weeks ago, it spurred a surprising number of comments. (More than one is surprising, in my book.) It was on its way to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. Well, the Festival opened today, and the winner's list has been posted. This little quilt was able to hold its own. Good for you, little quilt!!! I am SO thrilled.

I'm also kind of happy, in a bizarre way, that my other quilt did not place. That means that it should be home before I head out to Asilomar for a week with Cynthia Corbin. I started that quilt in her class, and I'm looking forward to showing her the finished product. Assuming, of course, that it gets back in time...

Finally, this ribbon was the encouragement I needed to get back to work on my hand-quilting. I seem to be in my prime. Either that, or my timing is impeccable. Today's blue ribbon for handworkmanship is my fourth from the Mancuso Brothers and my sixth since 2006. wow. I think I'm onto something here. (I've yet to catch the judges' eye with my machine quilted quilts, with the exception of "More Glorious Than Solomon," which is pictured in my header...)

So. The day is quickly passing, and I'd better get off the computer. If you happen to be in Virginia, why don't you stop by and say "Howdy!" to my quilts! :) Happy quilting!!

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