Saturday, September 5, 2009

Basket Making

Blogger! Why are you doing this? Why did you flip my busiest pictures? sigh. Folks, please bear with me. Maybe, in another lifetime, I will figure out how to prevent this from happening. Or maybe fix it/undo it once it does. sigh. oh, the frustration!


Yesterday, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Then I remembered that my sister is having a birthday next week, and her gift is not complete. I had one last thing in mind, before packing up her birthday box and sending it on its way.

Everybody loves baskets, right? Right! I know I do. And we're supposed to give people things that we'd love to receive, right? Right! And she's always been a fan of things homemade...

So. There you go. Time to make a basket. This is what I started with.

Oh wait. There was something else, besides the strips. You also need cotton cording.

You wrap the fabric strips around the cording and begin to sew.

You sew until you are done. That's it. Easy as pie. Easier than pie crust! :)

Here's another view...ooohhh

And another...aaaahhhhh

Can you tell I'm procrastinating? I have another room to clean, and I've run out of excuses to delay any further. Guests will be here this evening, and I need a place to put them.

Have a great weekend!!!

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pb said...

You sew them on your sewing machine, wow! My September step is to finish the baby quilt and get the binding on the lone star. & Maybe have knee surgery.