Wednesday, September 16, 2009

County Fair Results

This year the County Fair was not on my mind. I didn't receive a premium book, and couldn't think of anything to enter. All I had was a wallhanging; it wasn't worth the effort. But then I had that surge the last week of August, and I had two more quilts to enter. The Fair opened today, and I was there.

First is my "Sentries in the Garden." It is hung back-to-back with a purple quilt.

"Sentries in the Garden"
Suzanne Kistler

I have to tell you that I am entered as a professional. All quilts in the Professional category are judged on their own merit. Because of this, it would be possible for every quilt in the category to receive a first place. It would also be possible for every quilt in this category to go without an award. It's an interesting category, to say the least.

Next is Pete's Fish Story:
"Fish Story"
Suzanne Kistler 2009

And finally, here is the color strip quilt that I whipped up in a color frenzy. It looks pretty good on the wall, but it's still destined for a bed.

-working on a name-
Suzanne Kistler 2009

For me, the ribbon I saw in the Photography building was more exciting. I entered 5 photographs. Four of them went unmentioned, but this photo of mine, taken at the quilt show, won a 4th place. I was thrilled. You didn't know I was a photojournalist, did you? ;) (It's the center photo, with the pink ribbon. click to see it larger.)

"Best of the Valley Quilt Show"
Suzanne Kistler 2009

I walked through the Home Arts building, to see if any of my clients had entered their work. I only saw one. Because there were a number of people standing in front of it, the light was glaring, and there was a sign also blocking a portion, I didn't take a picture. Maybe if I go back, I'll have better luck. Hopefully next year I will have done more work for others that they are able to share. It's a lot of fun to look at a show and know that I had a part behind the scenes.

That is all...


Lisa Ellis said...

Congratulations on winning a ribbon as a photo journalist. Given the number of blog entries you have journaled with pictures, I think this is a natural title for you. And how fun that it is of a quilt show. Well done.

quiltedtime said...

Fantastic, Suzanne! All that photography is paying off. I think I even see my quilt in your quilt show photo. Sweet :-)!



Nina-Marie said...

Congrats on your ribbons!!