Friday, September 4, 2009

A Day of Cleaning

Just in case you missed it, I've got a new Studio. Yes, that's right, with a capital S. :)

I started moving in around the first of August, and I've actually FINISHED two of my own quilts (and quilted four for hire) since that time. Working on quilts means I'd ceased my evacuation of the Sewing Annex. You know, the place that used to be a bedroom/guestroom and then functioned as a "temporary" catch-all for my STUFF? I had to rename it, the change was so dramatic.

Here are a few pictures, to refresh your memories. (They make today's pictures look all the sweeter.)

You have an idea of how messy it was, although that last picture only showed a fraction of what I eventually moved in there. (It's probably a good thing I can't locate the final picture. It was a nightmare.)

This is what the room looks like today. whew! Notice that EMPTY dresser top! yay!!

I still have my foam sheathing against the wall - it doesn't get the spider webs in here that it picks up in the garage. I've got three quilts that I've been meaning to wash, and if I ever get to them, I'll need the sheathing to lay them out to dry. Yes, I've been a chicken in that regard, because I'm afraid the cats will play on the wet quilts. I should probably just go ahead and wash them. Our weather keeps cooling, and if I wait too long, I'll have to wait until next summer!

Here's the reverse view of the room. Isn't this nice? The basket on the chair holds give-aways that have been waiting to go to guild for MONTHS. They haven't had a give-away table available for MONTHS. I'm getting tired of waiting, and it's probably still MONTHS away. Anyone want some stuff? :) (Not the basket!)

Most of the things that I moved out of the Annex have gone into the Studio. That doesn't mean the Studio is out of control. Really it's not. In fact, I just finished vacuuming, and can certify that there is still visible carpet in there. yay!!

Okay, so I have a lot of thread on the sewing table (it's pulled out for the rafting quilt) and I've got the ironing board up. But that's about it when it comes to messes. Everything else is finding a place and I keep putting it back. It's a beautiful thing!!!

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Nina-Marie said...

I think its great that you blogged the befores and the afters together!! It really shows how much work was involved!