Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Lest you think that the only thing going on around here is a lot of creativity - and there is alot, believe you me - I think I should show you what else I've been up to.

On Friday I hung this bulletin board. It's a terrific way to display my growing collection of small cards and quilts, much better than pinning them directly to the wall. I stole the idea from Sharon, and have been complimented multiple times since I put it up. Thank you, Sharon, for showing me your Studio! :)

I also hung this quilt, made by Sharon. That's the extent of the wall decor so far. I'm slowly adding pieces. Once I'm happy with them and have lived with them for a few days/weeks, I'm ready to add more. Putting up everything at once would be overwhelming, doncha know?

I don't need any more overwhelming. I've already got overwhelming. It's going on in the dining room.

This particular room functioned as a bedroom for almost 8 years, and as such, it's been off my scope, so to speak. Last year I cleared it out and set up the table, but we hadn't used it for anything. When one of our boys brought a load of no-longer-needed furniture back from our daughter, I told him to "stash it in the dining room." When I needed to move furniture from the sewing cave for the makeover, I stashed it in the dining room. The boys moved on Sept 1, and more furniture was returned. What did we do with it? We stashed it in the dining room.

Sigh. It's to the point that if I don't make a move soon, I'll never recover. Here's a glance at what I've got to work with.

I see chairs from the dining room table, I see chairs from my grandfather's old dining room set. I see a sewing table and a twin bed frame. There's my favorite double shelf, and look! There's the aquarium that I emptied when we refaced the kitchen. The empty Rubbermaid bins are in here, along with the oak "icebox" that was the first piece of furniture I bought when we got married.

Here's a view from the other direction. I guess the good news is that most of the items in the dining room are large furniture items. Moving just one or two things makes a big difference. Oh look! There's another kitchen table, leaning against the bookshelves.

The last pictures are of the ugly. ugh ugh ughly.

I apologize for the quality of the shot. I was shuddering as I looked through the window and screen last night. I noticed movement near the cats' food, and thought Edgar was looking a bit clumsy or arthritic.

EEK! His coat looks bad!

And when he turned, EEEEEEKKKK!! Those hands are a giveaway. That is NOT my cat!!

I gathered my wits and went around to the sliding door, hoping to take a clear picture. That thing moved faster than a bullet train! I've only seen possums waddle or play dead. I have NEVER seen them skedaddle, but this one sure did! Zoom zoom!! He scared Hecate and knocked over the water dish on his way out.

The disturbing thing is that she hadn't paid attention to the creature at all. Is that because she didn't notice him? Or because he/she's a regular visitor? Or did she also think he was Edgar having a rough night?

ugh. I shudder to consider the options!

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Tanya said...

One year my mother's cat just watched as a skunk came into the house and ate her catfood. The cat just sat on the perch and watched the skunk wander around the room before settling down to eating. As a matter of fact, I did too! I mean, how are you going to get a skunk out of the house without causing a "stink"? The cat and I watched quietly...