Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Labor

I didn't get as much done today as I would have liked, but I did get some things done, so it's all good.

But let's back up to Saturday. I was waiting for Adam and his buds to show up after the football game (UCD vs Fresno State). I hear that the Davis team WAS on the field at all times, even though the final was 51-0. I WISH that were a typo. It's not.

So anyway, I was waiting for the college kids and decided to fill my time working on a second basket. I finished just before they arrived, and didn't like it at all. arg! I had such high hopes. I put it on the table, turned out the light, and shut the door.

The basket fairies must have visited during the night, because it's a lot better than I thought it was.

Here are both baskets, side by side, to give you an idea of the differences. I think I like the smaller size better.

On Sunday, while the kids were still sleeping, I wound more cording with fabric. I think I'm getting the hang of the timer on the camera. It still takes me a few shots to remember to look up and smile... ;)

Today I worked on cards. I've finished one, it's for Charlotte's birthday, which was last week. I delivered it today, since I knew she's leaving for Seattle in the morning. Better late than never? The sea horse and shells came from the Rocky Mtn Quilt Festival.

The other thing that kept me busy this morning was Adam. He wanted to get on the road early, but I waylaid him with some computer requests. At one point I said, "What we need is a really LONG cable." He stopped for a moment, got a big grin, and said, "I'll be right back!"

Some people keep jumper cables in their car. Our boy keeps more than that...

If the one with the biggest cable wins, I think he's seriously in the competition...

But all good fun must come to an end, and he headed back to my car. The smile on his face was utterly too big. He shouldn't be enjoying the swap THAT much.

And away he went. Tonight, hopefully, I'll get another card (or two) made along with another basket. Goals are good and all that!

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