Sunday, September 13, 2009

There and Back Again

Yesterday was a super-quick vehicle-swap road trip. Pete and I spent 8 hours on the road and about 6 hours with the boys. It was worth the drive to see their smiling faces.

We met them for lunch, saw their new digs, then took them to dinner and went our separate ways. I only remembered to pull out my camera at the last minute.

This is the first picture that I took. It was perfect, except that Pete was focusing on his pizza and Daniel was looking at his Ipod Touch. Notice that Adam has pulled out his camera, to get his usual picture of mom taking a picture.

When I asked them to smile, this is what I got.

It looks to me like unstaged is more colorful and records events more accurately.

Once the pizza was gone, we were on the road and home again. zoom zoom.

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