Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday Things

I did more sewing yesterday, in the Studio. I love that word: Studio. Studio. I immediately begin to breathe faster, with anticipation. There's so much that can be done, and now I have a place to do it!! :)

First up is another journal cover. I may eventually put more on it, but this is the base, for now.

I made another coiled basket. I had leftover trimmings from the color strip quilt, and thought it might be fun to have a *gasp* matching basket on the nightstand beside it. wow! Fabric coordination? I've never done that before!! ;)

Here's another view. It's not overly large, but it's big enough to hold coins and a set of car keys.

Here's a fun picture that I took today. For years, guild members confused me with Leslie. At that time, I had shorter hair, Leslie had longer. Now that Leslie's hair is shorter, they confuse her with Wendy. And just to really rattle our cages, they twin-dressed today, albeit separately.

I never get them confused - at least I haven't yet - but I can see it. "What does she look like?" "Oh, shorter hair, about so tall, wearing a batik camp shirt." yep. Identical. :)

Finally, I thought I'd post this picture I took in August. I have never seen narcissus break ground in August, yet look how tall they are already. I might shrug off my immediate thoughts of an early winter, but the geese have begun flying south from Alaska and leaves are turning color across the country.

I'm going to go out on a limb and predict a wild and woolly winter. Anyone with me on that?

And that's a wrap. Stay tuned. I already have pictures of more to post next week - after the items have been unveiled. But for now? It's back to the Studio. oooh! I love that word! :)


pb said...

Boy I missed a lot of stuff this week. Love the baskets, those cards and journal covers are the best. finished the baby quilt! well not the label. Have the binding on the big quilt.

Tanya said...

Ask your friends if I can join them in the picture. I have the same shirt!