Monday, September 14, 2009


Last night we had a party at church. Pastor Ron and his wife Peggy have been with Parkside Chapel for 25 years. wow. That's a long time, truly an illustration of commitment and dedication.

Becky, one of the ladies in church, collected ties from the men in the church. She made this beautiful quilt, which I then had the honor of quilting. Another member, Emma, sewed down the binding and added the sleeve.

Here is the overall quilt:

It's nice that the "25" shows up from a distance. I quilted everything with gold metallic, with the exception of the bit of background. That was quilted with a honey-colored neutral.

Here's the center circle. It needed something. Blogger has added its creative twist to the photo.

Finally, here is last night's presentation. I'm sorry it's so dark. If you click on it, it actually is fairly clear. I don't know if I'll ever adjust to trying to use this digital camera. I took clear indoor pictures with a film camera for so many years, I forget that it's different with digital. sigh. oh well.

And there you go. That's the "secret" project I was working on a few weeks ago. And now, it's on to the next thing...

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Lisa Ellis said...

It's beautiful. I have not made a project with silk ties before. But a good friend Cyndi Souder has made some very special tribute quilts. I recall being at several meetings with her carefully opening up the ties. A true labor of love. Well done to you and Becky.